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Our Cycloheat Industrial Ovens use drying which is a process of mass transfer resulting from the removal of moisture from a solid material by evaporation. Liquid like water, with a solvent or another form is driven out of a semi-solid convection, air applied heat, which also carries away the vapor called dhumidity.


Cyclosystem provides versatile innovative heating and drying solutions using Batch Oven with vertical Hot Air Blowing System. Our Industrial Drying ovens promote efficient application of air re-circulated heat. All our Industrial Drying Ovens are custom-built to meet every unique requirement of our clients.



  • Strong structural frame, walk in or product-place styles
  • Doors are constructed of rigid frames to prevent "bowing"and "close fit"
  • All doors also have an internal door handle to present entrapment
  • Filtered air to remove dust and impurities from entering your product
  • Digital time and temperature controls
  • Audible alarm and lights to indicate any temperature fluctuations
  • Recirculating air systems to save energy costs
  • Exhaust ducts to vent away any fumes
  • Mobile or stationary units
  • Shelving or hanging options can be worked into the design
  • High grade raw materials are used for fabrication



  • Maximum ease of use and maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Fast heat up & cool down - rapid response


At Cyclosystem, our dynamic team of Engineers and Designers analyze your specific individual specifications to develop the oven that can address your application requirement. We design ovens for annealing, indexing, comvection, gas-fired and many more.


For your specific Industrial Oven applications, please contact our Sales Department at 6455-4111 ext 114 or drop us an email at

Contact Us

Cyclosystem Pte Ltd
15 Woodlands Sector 1, Singapore 738355

: (+65) 6455 4111
: (+65) 6455 0111


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