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Florescent Penetrant Inspection System



Florescent Penetrant Inspection System or FPI SYSTEM, is a form of non-destructive testing of mechanical components for defects.  Parts to be tested are cleaned, dried and subjected to a series of processes using luminous dye penetrant as a medium to aid in the visual inspection of defective parts under ultraviolet light.  Usually, the inspection is carried out in a darkened chamber.  Typical industries which use FPI Systems include aerospace, track and rail, gas turbine, etc.


Traditionally, because of the difficulties to meet numerous standard operating practices or regulations laid down b the original equipment manufacturers and various governing bodies, the FPI process was carrried out manually by many industries for many years.  With the continual rise in labour cost and the need to improve efficiency and consistency, much research and development had been carried out by many players in the industry to automate the FPI process; but have not been very successful, until recently.  The critical parameters associated with the control and application at different stages of the entire FPI process can now be individually set, programmed and accurately controlled for a fully automated FPI System.  Since then, a host of other features and advantages has been discovered and implemented into the Auto FPI SYstem.  In a highly competitive business environment, there will be increasing urgency to improve productivity, consistency and efficiency of traditional FPI processes and the Auto FPI System offers a very viable solution to address these issues.


Long before this, Cyclosystem has recognized the problems associated with using traditional manual FPI System and the advantages of automating it.  The company has invested much resoures and time to achieve this goal and has since been one of the pioneers in the design and development of automated FPI Systems and other related processes in the region.  Cyclosystem designs both standard as well as customized systems, with a good track record for these equipment both locally and overseas.  Cyclosystem's equipment are not only renowned for their quality and reliability, but also for their aesthtecically modern look, compactness, simple to operate and maintenance. Whether it is for standard and customized solution, Cyclosystem's FPI specialists will study each of its clients' requirement carefully before recommending the appropriate equipment or processes to meet their technical and commercial needs.


The range of standard FPI System which Cyclosystem manufactures include: One-piece-flow design, Small-batch-flow design and Large-batch-flow design.  For non-regular production parts, Cyclosystem also designs and manufactures low cost semi-automated or manual FPI System to meet the prodcution requirement.


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