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Spray Jet Cleaners

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Cyclojet Manu-Cleaner
Cyclojet Manu-Cleaner

The Cyclojet Manu-Cleaner is a very simple, competitively-priced, compact and robust cleaning equipment that is easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain. The Cyclojet Manu- Cleaner, as the name implies, is a manually-operated jet spray top loaded cabinet cleaner with a handy flow-thru-brush which can be used for cleaning those hard to reach parts that requires a little extra scrubbing.

Cyclojet Inex Series
Cyclojet Inex Series

Cyclojet Inex Series is a leading aqueous parts washing system which is comprised of a rotating turntable part washer with high pressure spray located above and below the parts.

Our Inex Series is a top loading cabinet parts cleaning system designed for batch processing and lower volume parts cleaning.

Cyclojet  Inex-Plus Series
Cyclojet Inex-Plus Series

Cyclojet Inex-Plus Series is our latest product, and highly in demand due to its pressurized jet spray cleaning technique and fast drying process. Our Inex-Plus Series consist of a front door fitted with pneumatic cylinder for automatic opening and closing.

Cyclojet Heavy-Duty (LD) Series
Cyclojet Heavy-Duty (LD) Series

Cyclojet Heavy-Duty Series is a range of fully automatic mechanical parts washer that uses spray jet cleaning technology. It is suitable for cleaning of large and heavy duty wash parts for the railway industry. It is designed in Single or Multiple Stage to allow flexible process – from simple to very sophisticated cleaning requirement. Multiple stages include Clean > Rinse > Dry.

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