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Customized Cleaning System

Cycloclean S107 Railway Cleaner - Underbody
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Cycloclean S107 Railway Cleaner - Underbody


  • Railway Cleaner’s formulation allows organic pollutants to be cleaned without affecting surrounding materials.
  • Applied coatings like paints, varnishes, enamels and adhesives are safe from any form of chemical attack from Railway Cleaner.
  • Electrical components, including insulation materials and rubber based products will not be affected by the use of this chemical formulation.
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons and other VOC compounds like Trichloroethylene are not used in the formulation and the chemical in its concentrated form has no ADR classification


  • Railway Cleaner is very versatile and can be applied using a variety of equipment and methods from immersion to jet washing and hand wiping.
  • Dosages can be adjusted to suit contaminants to be cleaned and when used in conjunction with warm to hot water the cleaning effectiveness will improve and the chemical usage reduce.
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