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Cyclojet Inex Series

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Cyclojet Inex Series

A top-loading fully enclosed cabinet cleaner that uses high pressure spray nozzles to clean he washparts automatically.  The Cleaner is egonomically and compactly designed to fit and blend ito every possible modern workshop space.  It is modularly designed to include amny options which can transform the basic machine into a sophisticated workhorse.  Washparts are placed inside a stainless steel stationary wash basket while high pressure spray jets are self-propelled and rotated to clean the wash parts in all possible directions automatically.  The wash solution is filtered and recycled in the equipment itself, and heavy sludge and grease can be removed out of the Cleaner automatically.
Comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes
Top loading with fully automatic operation 
Industry-proven design and a workhorse to many satisfied clients
High cleaning efficiency and reliability
Aesthetically and ergonomically designed 
Self-propelled high pressure integrated spray jets
Water-based cleaning with 100% automatic filtering and recycling 
Rugged and modularly constructed with many options for “Add-Ons’
Electric heating with microprocessor based digital temperature control
Stainless steel wash basket, coarse particles strainers and piping system 
Large reservoir tank with full access for servicing and drainage valve
Viewing window with LED lighting and laminated glasses
Heavy-duty base skid with mobile castor wheels & brake system 
Stainless steel top cover with gas-spring or pneumatic actuators assisted opening & closing and push handle bar
Comprehensive electro-mechanical safety interlock system 
  Integrated stainless steel PLC based HMI main control panel
  Exhaust Fan
  Oil-Skimmer Assembly
  Manual Spray Gun
  Manual Blow Dry Gun
  Small Parts Basket
  Fine Particles Filters
Simple, compact and reliable
Industry-proven design
High cleaning efficiency
Water-based cleaning using environmentally-friendly detergent 
Automatic filtering and recycling 
Low cost investment & operation
  Easy maintenance and servicing
  Optimizing operator's productivity 
  Can clean almost any mechanical parts
  Can be configured from simple to a sophisticated cleaning machine
Industrial Applications
Engines & Turbines Overhaul
Maintenance Workshop
  Metal Forming
  Metal Machining
  Railway Depot


Contact Us

Cyclosystem Pte Ltd
15 Woodlands Sector 1, Singapore 738355

: (+65) 6455 4111
: (+65) 6455 0111


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