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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Booth - Wet Type

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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Booth - Wet Type 

The Customized Multi-Purpose Cleaning Booth - Wet Type is an environmentally-controlled room used for cleaning or dusting of large parts such as Bogie Assembly, Traction Motor, Air-Cond and Air-Cond Filters, etc.  The room can be customized according to any size requirement and incorporates high efficiency lighting and exhaust filtering system, to enable proper and safe operation. The parts to be put on to the turntable and manually pushed into the wash area using a wheel mounted trolley. Once in the wash area, the motor parts will be manually cleaned by means of high pressure injection spray gun. This wash plant will also be equipped with lights and compressed air quick coupling outlet, exhaust fan complete with pump. 
During the clearing processes, wash jets will be sprayed manually onto the motor parts internal/external surfaces. These movements in different planes and spray actions will create a mechanical scrubbing effect on the motor parts surfaces, hence enhancing the cleaning effectiveness. The air pressure system will shake the dust off the filter when the dust extraction fan stopped running and after a period of time delay. Cleaning process is a combination of spraying pressure, flow rate, temperature, and the positioning of the motor part with respect to the spray directions. After the cleaning cycle, the motor parts will be withdrawn out of the booth; this constitutes the completion of a complete wash cycle within 30 minutes. 
There are two types for cleaning booths, Wet Type and Dry Type.
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