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Standard Cyclosonic Cleaners

Cyclosonic Tanks

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Cyclosonic Tanks 


The Cyclosonic Tank, also an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner, is a powerhouse ultrasonic cleaning machine designed for cleaning heavy duty parts. It is a non-automated ultrasonic cleaning equipment in a stainless steel single chassis construction that provides the best cleaning effect. The Cyclosonic range of cleaning systems are ergonomically and aesthetically designed to blend into the modern factory production floor – irregardless of whether they are used in a workshop environment or used in a normal unclassified area. The machine is compactly designed so as not to occupy precious production space in the factory yet its configuration allows easy monitoring and operation without comprising personal safety. All sides of the machine are fully accessible which allows for easy servicing and maintenance. The machine is also symmetrical and modular in design using standard pre-fabricated parts or sub-assemblies and this allows for easy upgrading or expansion to cater to future needs.

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