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Self-Propelled Track Cleaning & Vacuum Vehicles (TCVV)
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Self-Propelled Track Cleaning & Vacuum Vehicles (TCVV) 

The Self-Propelled Track Cleaning & Vacuum Vehicles (TCVV) is designed and manufactured for cleaning the tunnel and suction of debris from the floor of the tunnel when railway maintenance. The special vehicle is applicable in the Railway Industry and equipped with high pressure oscillating spray cable to wash tunnel ceilings, walls tracks and trackbeds, automatically. For special zones, it can also clean using high pressure water guns manually. The vehicle is also equipped with a dust vacuum system. Vacuum hose is flexible and adjustable to provide the best coverage. The TCVV has its own sewage system using a pneumatic diaphragm pump. The vehicle is designed to travel in both directions.
Advantages of Track Cleaning and Vacuum Vehicle (TCVV)
• To clean the Track & Tunnel Network System for Metro
• To remove all the debris and waste water generated from washing the tunnel through vacuum system
• To inspect and facilitate the maintenance of overhead Signaling Components, Centenary System, Electrical Power Supply components
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