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Automatic Bus Wash System

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Automatic Bus Wash System 


Cyclosystem’s Automatic Bus Wash System washes all Bus types, models, shapes, and contours. Mostly used in Bus Depot to clean the buses. It is fully automatic, equipped with Side-Mirror Avoidance System, roof and double side brush rollers. Each system is well-suited to clean high volume bus depots that suit every possible budget and preference.


A variety of wash methods and a broad range of features and functions to ensure efficient cleaning are also implemented for each wash bays. Cyclosystem’s drive through Automatic Bus Wash System include typical throughputs of 30 vehicles per hour, combination of brush and high pressure washing systems and highly-advanced engineering features designed to maximum equipment useful life and minimized spare parts, service and maintenance downtime.


Cyclosystem’s all-in-one Automatic Bus Wash System provides a complete automatic operation including Pre-Wetting, Detergent Spray, Front, Rear, Roof & Side Brushing, High Pressure Undercarriage Washing and Final Rinsing.  The system has a highly sophisticated self-adjusting brush arrangement activated through brush motor current sensor and pneumatic cylinders. An optimal brush pressure over the vehicle’s surface with automated opening and retraction function provides outstanding wash results.  A 24 x 7 control panel and sensors provide safety and longer life capacity for its electrical components. The structure itself is made of hot dip galvanized steel to withstand against corrosion hence providing a longer life span to the structure.

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