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Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaner 


The Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaners, also an industrial ultrasonic cleaner, consists of transducers secured to the inside surface of a sealed stainless steel container. The transducers set up vibrations in one face of the container which functions as a vibrating diaphragm. The assembly is installed inside the tank by hanging it over the edge or by screw mounting to the side or bottom. The vibrating diaphragm transmits the ultrasonic energy to the liquid. 

The main advantage of immersible is that they can easily be removed from the system in the event of a defective transducer. Also if the system is equipped with multiple immersions, it can still operate at lower efficiency if one of it fails.

The Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaners are mainly used where relatively large tank capacities have to be exposed to ultrasonic waves.

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