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Spray Jet Cleaners

Ultra High Pressure Robotic Cleaner

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Ultra High Pressure Robotic Cleaner

The Cyclojet Ultra-High Pressure Robotic Cleaner is a high pressure washing machine innovated by Cyclosystem. It utliizes a 6-Axis Robotic Arm with ultra-high pressure oscillating spray jet to clean the wash part(s) very effectively. 


The Robotic Cleaner does not require any heating or use of cleaning detergent to clean the parts, hence, saving a lot of energy and operational costs as well as improving precision cleaning of the machine.  The machine is intended for cleaning Bogie/Wheelset, Axle Box & other complicated wash parts.

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Cyclosystem Pte Ltd
15 Woodlands Sector 1, Singapore 738355

: (+65) 6455 4111
: (+65) 6455 0111


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