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Cyclosonic Single Tank

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Cyclosonic Single Tank

The Cyclosonic Single Tank, also an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner, is a powerhouse ultrasonic cleaning machine designed for heavy duty parts. It is a non-automated ultrasonic cleaning equipment in a stainless steel single chassis construction that provides the best cleaning effect. The Cyclosonic Single Tank is a compact, aqueous based cleaning machine which has been specially designed and manufactured for the purpose of washing various parts of diesel electric locomotives automatically. High-intensity ultrasonic creates countless vacuum bubbles in the cleaning fluid which immediately implode on the part. The collapse of the bubbles, along with the cleaning fluid, causes a physical process known as cavitations or brushing effect. This takes effect on part which no other mechanical process can reach such as fissures, blind holes and gaps, thus giving an overall cleaning. Not only is this ultrasonic cleaning method completely user-friendly and effective, it is also fast, safe and gentle. The Cyclosonic is equipped with removable filter system, through which the liquid flows into the wash chamber. The filter housing is placed in a behind the machine in series with the piping line. The filter cartridge is easily removed during maintenance.

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